Upgrade Easypaisa Account Level To Asaan Digital Account 2023


Upgrade Easypaisa Account Level To Asaan Digital Account

In Pakistan, Easypaisa is one of the most popular digital payment services, widely used for various transactions like bill payments, money transfers, and mobile top-ups. However, to enjoy additional features and benefits, it is recommended to upgrade your Easypaisa account to Asaan Digital Account. Asaan Digital Account is a digital banking platform that allows customers to access a range of banking services through their mobile phones.

Upgrading your Easypaisa account to Asaan Digital Account is a straightforward process that requires a few simple steps. It allows you to enjoy features like online banking, ATM card, and interbank fund transfers. Additionally, savings accounts, and other financial services provided by partner banks.

upgrade my easypaisa account

Asaan Digital Account

When you upgrade from current limit 200000 to 10 lakh, In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of upgrading your Easypaisa account to Asaan Digital Account. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of the requirements, procedures, and benefits of upgrading your account.

Asaan Aigital Account Easypaisa Limit

When your account update saucefull your account limit increase in 10 Lakh means easypaisa asan digital account limit is 10 Lakh and level is also from level 1 and level 2 in asan account

Easypaisa Asaan Digital Account Charges

Easypaisa asaan digital account fee and tax is 75 rupees charges this fee is non-refundable

How To Upgrade Easypaisa Account To Asaan Digital Account

Here we learn step-by-step to update limit and move on asan digital account only three steps personal information, additional information and  live picture


Open easypaisa app and click on profile and click on account level where yor account limit is 200000

easypaisa app

Then click on upgrade account limit if you want to see requirements you can easily check for information and here is written about fee

Easypaisa Account Level

Enter all information

Name, gender, cnic expiry date, mother’s name, father/spouse (husband or wife) date of birth, birth place after that click on next

Enter additional details

Here read if you are us citzen then check on yes otherwise  no

Upload your cnic and signature:

Upload front and back sides of your cnic and accept all terms, if you want to read terms & conditions by clicking on you can easily read it, than click on next

Record live picture and sumit application

When you click on submit application in last this notification appers application submitted successfully

After that they eview , eview process take 3 or 5 days when your account upgraded in asan digital account on easypsia app notification appear


I hope now you can easily update easypaisa account in asaan digital account . if you have any question comment us and for more information chat on easypaisa helpline


How can I upgrade my easypaisa account?

To upgrade your Easypaisa account, you can follow a simple process based on your account level. If you have a level 0 account, you need to visit the nearest Easypaisa shop or Telenor franchise and provide your CNIC or from app you can only scan fingers for biometric. After verification, your account will be upgraded to a level 1 account, which will allow you to transact up to Rs. 50,000 per month.

How can I manage easypaisa account?

Telenor users manage from code *786# or easypaisa app and other network users only manage from easypaisa app

How much money can I keep in My easypaisa Account?

When you upgrade account in easypaisa account level to asaan digital account (ADA) your limit is 10 lakh monthly from ATM or App

How can I complain to easypaisa?

If you face any problem or Queries about asan digital account you can get help from helping number 3737 for other network users 042111003737





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