No Accounts Match That Information Facebook - How Solve Facebook Problem

Fix facebook problem no account match

In this article I will tell you facebook problem no accounts match that information problem. Make sure that you've entered the correct phone number or email. Most of people face this problem. So in this post we learn so tips to recover facebook account. But no worry

If you click on forgotten password where you enter email or phone number search it so this problem is coming no account match that information. I think this is facebook issue because we enter correct number and email.

How to fix no account match that information

Some tips to recover facebook id

Method 1

First go in mobile settings and search apps or apps manger and click on facebook app and click on storage & cache. Clear storage AND cache.

clear storage and cache

 Turn on facebook all permissions. Go on facebook app and click on permissions and allow all permissions.

allow facebook permissions

Method 2

Frist if you click on forgotten password first enter number ( Enter which number when you create facebook ID you give ) and press search button if this problem is coming than power off your phone or restart mobile and try after 10 minutes and again enter number or email.

Method 3

Click on forgotten password and enter correct name of your facebook id on instead of email.

Method 4

Go to profile of your friend, find your id from his friend list or from your friend’s facebook id search your id and copy your facebook profile id link and click on forgot password and enter link on place of email.

Method 5

If you are using mobile app I recommend you use computer or laptop. Or on mobile go chrome browser and click on three dots and click on desktop site turn on desktop on chrome in mobile.

Type “Web facebook” and try on chrome.

chrome desktope


I hope this article helpful for you, so these tips for facebook no account match that information.

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