Cricket wireless text messages not sending problem

                                 Cricket wireless texts not sending


   Hi friends today in this article I will describe that how can you solve or fix the problem in sending sms or messages or you can see text to others peoples on android even on iphone mobile. This issue is also face by cricket wireless customers even they have purchased plan of sending text or even they have balance in their circket wireless sim card.

              But Dear reader you have not be upset or confuse I will fix this issue for you if and if only you will read this article at the end. I will tell you some apps for android to get rid of this. You may know about smsc settings in android.

How to solve text not sending in cricket wireless sim card?

In order to find settings of “smsc” in android I will suggests some apps. When you install them on your phone then you will able to find these settings on your mobile. As I know that normally smsc setting may not available in android phone this is why I am going to tell you apps. It will easy for you to found this setting.

         Smsc number is different for every sim card. As if you have AT&T then you have another smsc number and for cricket wireless it will be different number but no worry I will tell you number here. You no need to go anywhere, stay reading this article for Cricket wireless text messages not sending problem

               Here you will see screen shot of apps that are needed to found this smsc setting. 

Cricket wireless text messages not sending problem

First you have to install on of these apps on your mobile. Once you have installed any one apps then when you will open them. You may found app smsc setting but for more help follow this article to the end.

When you click apps then you will see this, screenshot is given below

smsc setting

Here you will found this texts “Open Advanced hidden  settings for LTE only mode”

What you have to do now , next is click on this text. When you click on this you will find this page screenshot is given below

Now scroll down when you scroll down the page you will find label of this page with name “SMSC” with input text . this is place where you have to enter the smsc number. As I told you already in this article every sim of company have their own  smsc card number so for cricket wireless the smsc number is “ +13123149810 ” and after that you need to click on “ update” button. Here one thing is that you when click on update , no any message will be shown you . it means your problem has been fixed or if are getting “ error ” then please remove space in number or do not enter any English letter thank you for reading this helpful article.


 I hope cricket wireless texts not sending issue will be solved.





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