You’ve earned a top fan badge in facebook

You’ve earned a top fan badge in facebook

You’ve earned a top fan badge in facebook. You may see this type of notification in your facebook account. Why this notification is appears in your notification? Is this permanent and much more questions? We will discuss each one by one after reading this article you will able to understand that why this face top fan badge is given to you and what is benefits for you. 

You’ve earned a top fan badge in facebook

   The reason of this is that the specific page or profile you mostly like, comment and share their post then facebook give you top fan badge. It is nothing but it is a label or text that appears on top of your comment when you are given top fan for any page. For example facebook gives you top fan badge for get2tell then “top fan” text will appear on your comment when you comments. How do you know if you have top fan badge? Answer is you are notified by notification and you can check it by commenting on page on which you have earned badge. Top fan text will appear on your comment.

Earn a top fan badge on facebook

   How earn a top fan badge on facebook. It is simple for it you have to choose any specific page or profile and simply start liking , commenting and sharing fro 1 weak , you will earn top fan bedge for that page. 

Top fan badge meaning 

            You earned a top fan badge meaning is very easy it means only “top fan” text will given to you for comment. is top fan badge permanent ? Friends here I am going to tell reality that is it not permanent. It is given you for one week and will be remove if you will not like, comment or share.  And it is authority of admin, he can delete you. So here I suggest you do not waste your time. it can be automatically removed if your will not like fro a weak.

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