How To Remove Redemption Fee Godaddy

Remove Redemption Fee Godaddy

When godaddy domain goes expire, Godaddy Send you email on expiry date and after five days godeddy again send email and sends emails every five five days when five days complete then again send email. If you will not pay payment or not renew godeddy domain the redemption fee is apply on your godaddy account.

Redemption Fee

When you not pay after thirty days of expiry of renewal then give you give another 35 days to pay or renew domain with redemption fee. If you not pay afer 72 or 75 days your domain is removed from your account for buy so anybody this domain.

For more read about redemption fee or what is redemption click on here Click Here

How to remove redemption fee?

There are two options to remove redemption fee.

First one is that wait 72 days when Domain is removed from godeddy account and renew it

Second one is that contact dodeddy customer’s support.

I highly recommend you not wait for 72 days and contact with godeddy team, they will solve your problem and send you a link.

How to contact with godeddy team?

On godeddy home page you will showing you contact us or an popupwill show.


contact gogeddy

What you type on message, you will type “ hi godeddy team on my account my domain goes expired and I not pay on time the redemption fee applied on my account I am not able to pay redemption fee pay help me. They will ask you we will remove extra fee or redemption fee you will pay 5 year or 2 years.  If you not pay 5 or 2 years you can ask for one year they will do.  



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