How to change birthday on Facebook after limit 2022

How to change birthday on Facebook after limit

Hi friends in this article. I am going to explain everything related to date of birth in Facebook. I will tell you that how can you change your age in Facebook after limit reached. There's a cutoff to how frequently you can change your date of birth. Assuming you've as of late transformed it, you might need to stand by before you can alter it once more.

Most common questions asked by Facebook user, given below:

1.    facebook birthday change link

2.    Facebook request a birthday change

3.    Facebook request a birthday change

4.    Why can't I change my Facebook birthday

5.   How do change  birthday on Facebook if I'm under 18

As you know that it is very easy to change date of birth or birthday in facebook.

But now I am telling that how can you change Age before limit.

Steps to change age:

Step 1: Click on your Facebook profile

Step 2: Click on Edit profile

Step 3: After that you have to click on Edit Your about Info

Step 4: And You Will See Basic Info Label, click on Edit

Step 5: there will be two options Birthday and Birth Year, Both can be changed

As above we discussed that age can be changed through setting but what if you have recently changed your date of birthday?  Because  Facebook allows to change date of birth for limited number of time. According to Facebook policy you can change age once every week.

          Main reason of this post is to change “birthday on Facebook after a limit” and Facebook request a birthday change.  There is no setting to directly change date of birth if you you are limited. This is link to request date of birth to change age


When you will click on this link your will find this screen shown below


change birthday

         On this image you can change date of birth and Select reason for changing date of birth. When you will select reason after that you have attach your Government Identity Card or CNIC. Click ‘ on Send Button. Your Request to change date of birth is sent to Facebook team. They will review your request and change your date birth or birthday. 

Why can't I change my Facebook birthday?

 It is very common and most asked question asked by many users that they unable to change their date of birth. It is simple if you changed your date of birth once then you will not able to change your date of birth for limited time. 

How I can change my birthday on Facebook if I'm under 18?

 The answer of this question is that you can can not change your age by facebook setting, but there is way to request to change your age. The method is covered above.

Will Facebook ban me if I change my birthday?

 Most people are asking that will facebook block or ban our facebook account if we change our date of birth. Here you remember that if you are changing your date of birth. Then it should not make your age younger tha 13. If it is then it possible that Facebook ban your account. So you have to care about your account. But your facebook account will not be affected if your age will not younger than 13. It means facebook allow to make account if your age is greater than 18.

For what reason do we have to include genuine Information Facebook?

The significant motivation to keep your genuine data on Facebook is 'security reason', for Facebook as well as the client. Facebook can ask you whenever to confirm your record with your data and that is the point at which the client can deal with an issue.

Facebook asking to update your profile with legal name or real date of birth

For your insurance, Facebook Pay needs to affirm your character before an exchange can be endeavored. This truly intends that to involve installments in messages, your Facebook profile name and date of birth should be checked to match your government provided ID.

We comprehend that occasionally the name on your ID isn't the name you most normally use. We're upset for the bother and value your comprehension.


Wellbeing is profoundly expected to keep a Facebook account. The most often posed inquiry 'how to change Facebook name after limit', presently has a response. Presently when we have refreshed you with the Facebook strategy framework, you should be exceptionally cautious while adding your data. Be unmistakable about your subtleties, forever be genuine with it.

 This will help you in the event that you at any point lose admittance to your record because of any explanation.


If you are creating local or normal facebook id then give demo informatoin like date of birth and you are creating personal or real facebook id rhen give real information.

No Accounts Match That Information Facebook


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