How to Create New Gmail Account Without Phone Number 2023

 How to Create New Gmail Account Without Phone Number

By default, you can create a new Gmail account only with your phone number. If you don’t have a phone number or can’t use it for verification, in this article you will find the answer on how to create new Gmail account without phone number and without verification step by step.

Create gmail account without phone number

gmail account verification is not easy like you think it will be, there are some things we will have to consider in creating a new gmail account without phone number. Since you must use your mobile numbers during sign up, hence many people find difficulty in creating new gmail account without phone number as they usually do not have one, or perhaps their existing numbers are considered disposable and cannot be linked.

Make google or gmail account with phone number benefits 2023

After creating a Google gmail account, you might see an option to add your phone number and have your security info sent as a text message. This extra step provides two great benefits: easier account recovery in case you forget your password, and spam protection if someone else is trying to sign into your account. In other words, it’s very important that you complete all of these steps when signing up for any Google service that requests verification with a mobile device (like Android Pay).


Create gmail account without number from android mobile

Normally you will create a new gmail account by adding your mobile number, but what if you don’t have a mobile number? If you are facing some kind of problem, then here is a solution for you. If you want to know how to create new gmail account without phone number, then just follow these below steps

if you use chrome or other browser than google ask number for verificationYou need to use one of these browsers: Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox, Safari (for Mac), or Chrome. Also, on Android you’ll need for creating gmail account google ask number for verification.

Create gmail account without phone number

Open palystore on mobile click on "Sign-in" then “Create account” after clicking, three options shown on screen you can click on “ For myself ” enter first name and surname (surname is optional fill or not depending on you).  After that type date of birth and gender, If you will done these steps pick a gmail or create your own, then create a strong password and then follow some interaction.

And scroll down two options show to you skip and yes I’m in than next and next

You’re all done.


Gmail Account Without Phone Number

Search Google for create new gmail account without number and click through a few of the results. Some sites even have videos to walk you through all of these steps, so it’s worth spending some time reading around. All of these sites will ask you to create an alternative email address first, then offer instructions on how to connect that email with your new Gmail account (without giving them your phone number).

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