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Facebook Monetization In Pakistan Good News

Earn Money From Facebook

Is facebook monetization available in Pakistan now! Still in Pakistan facebook page monetization is not available in Pakistan. But here is good news for Pakistanis who create great contact videos. In future facebook monetization is eligible Pakistan. We will see Pakistan Eligibility countries.

Facebook monetization news 2022

Facebook Monetization

Ministry of pakistan Information Technology IT also confirmed this news officially. First facebook decided to start pilot program monetization of videos in Pakistan. Pakistan government take action about facebook monetization it get success.

Pilot Program

If the program is get successful, then good news for Pakistan and Pakistani peoples. Then facebook launched monetization then Pakistani earn money from facebook with stream ads. 

If pilot program launched and get successfully then 100% chance to earn money from facebook.

For this time is news is for Pakistan and Pakistan get success then all Pakistani creators earn money from facebook. If Facebook monetization is available it helps Pakistani peoples to earn and we get lot of benefits. Facebook Monetization eligibility countries 2022.

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