Nathan Chen Wins Figure Skating Gold, Claiming a Prize That Eluded Him


Nathan Chen Wins Figure Skating Gold, Claiming a Prize That Eluded Him

 In his last practice prior to skating for the Olympic gold award, Nathan Chen made a point to take at the time.

He remained solitary at the edge of the arena in Beijing and glanced around at the stands and the field, and at the Olympic rings every step of the way. Not at all like at the 2018 Winter Games when he completed fifth generally speaking, he is liking the experience of contending at the Olympics, win or lose.

Furthermore this time he won, not at all like last time when his exclusive focus was centered uniquely around the gold.

With stream energized fourfold leaps and an exhibition to an Elton John variety that raised goose pimples, Chen, 22, yelled uproariously and obviously to the Beijing Games as a whole - and the world - that he has been the best skater around for over three years and that nothing has changed. Four years after he completed fifth in general, significantly ascending to that spot subsequent to completing seventeenth in the short program, Chen satisfied the external assumption that he would win the Olympic gold decoration. At last.

He came into the free skate with certainty in the wake of winning the short program with power, almost 6 focuses in front of the second-place skater, Yuma Kagiyama of Japan. In any case, he didn't simply win it - he squashed it, scoring 113.97 focuses, a world record, for abilities that included faultless fourfold leaps and spinner quick twists

Indeed, even before the free skate on Thursday, one of Chen's primary opponents - double cross Olympic boss Yuzuru Hanyu - was no longer available to award. In the short program, Hanyu cut short his first leap, later guaranteeing he hit an opening in the ice, and the zero score he got for the ability truly hurt his award possibilities. He was unable to make up the lost focuses in the free program, either, falling two times, including during the never-done-before fourfold axel.

Chen said he has acquired point of view since the last Olympics. For quite some time while contending on the worldwide stage, he learned at Yale, expanding the minuscule universe of skating he has lived in as far back as he can recollect. He recognized that he's not a child any longer, absolutely not the sincere, worried one who showed up at the last Olympics expecting to succeed at all cost. Floated by another feeling of certainty, he has lost just a single time since the 2018 big showdowns.

On the off chance that he lost a subsequent time, today at the Olympics, Chen said he wouldn't be crushed, essentially for a really long time.

"I believe that periodically you sort of sensationalize things and are like, 'Gracious, man, it's the apocalypse on the off chance that things go poorly,'" Chen said in a meeting the month before. "However, no, the world proceeds to turn and things will return to ordinary."

Presently the new typical is that he is an Olympic boss

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