How To Withdraw Money From Clipclaps || Withdraw Payment Clipclaps Withdrawal Time In Pakistan

How To Withdraw Money From Clipclaps

Clipclaps are an earning app. If you have earned money then you can withdraw money. The withdraw process will be described in detail in this article with step by step with screenshot pictures. 

There is different clipclaps withdraw methods you can learn here. I have clipclaps withdraw proof and most of time Clipclaps withdrawal declined and faild but no any problem if withdraw declined then again try. So how to withdraw on ClipClaps app. if you need Clipclaps app withdraw proof  i have lot of proof you can comment us.

            First of all you should know that what is clipclaps minimum withdrawal we withdraw ? that is 10$ dollars. It means if you have at least 10 dollars then you can withdraw money. Clip claps gives earning in different accounts like jazz cash m easy paisa PayPal etc. we will discuss everything here. Just real article fully. 


First of all you have login in your accounts in which at least 10$ should have. Then you will be able to withdraw otherwise you will get this message this is given in screen shot.


Once you have successfully logged in your account the go to section “me”. Where your account information will shown you like your id logo, name, coins, your uploaded videos, etc.

Now here you will find coins on left top of screen shown in given screenshot. You have to click on coins.

After that you will have to click on cash label. Because you want to withdraw money. Here you will found your balance in dollars and two labels with name PayPal and other. If you want to withdraw your balance in PayPal then you will be able to withdraw at least 0.10 dollar, 10 $, 15$, $20 , $30 , $40 and 50 dollars .

 when you click on “other” label. Then you you will able to withdraw your balance in jazzcash , easypaisa, bank and mobile recharge globly and aslo prepaid diamond. Screenshot is given below 

Now you have to click on any one like on jazzcash or easypasisa . after clicking on jazzcash or easypasia . you will asked to enter your  number . when you will enter number and click on confirm you will see this page 

Choose your payment now amount option will be $10, $20 ,$20 and $30.

Now click on any amount . you will asked to confirm. Once you click on confirm button, your payment will successfully requested . clipclaps team will review you account and they will send you money in your account . as on withdraw history page,  your payment will be processing. Here you found that payment will take 7 to 14 business days but it not real . according to my experience this processing time may take 10 days , 20 days or one month or 5 month then may be declined . but it may take 2 hours or one day or 7 days . it depends on your luck. One thing is very import your request may be declined many time but you have not upset , try and try again on every decline.

If we talk about country in which clipclaps app is used . clipclaps is an international app . It is used in many countries but especially in India and Pakistan. 

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